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Everyone has a different reason for joining roller derby. You are welcome to join the Coastal Assassins whether you have minimal skating experience, don’t understand the game or if you can zoom around the track like an ex speed skater. You are welcome to join the Coastal Assassins if you are 18 years old or older and female.

We have a program that can suit your level and interest – You CAN handle this!

Recreational Skaters – This program is for rad people with minimal skating experience,  reccies can join in on all the league fun; outdoor skating, keep up to date with all our social events, get involved in a committee within the league and much more. Contact us with your interest and find out more. You CAN handle this!

Freshmeat- This program teaches basic derby skills to skaters of all levels. After a short course of basic skills the sessions move straight into learning those awesome hip checks, whips, can openers and tons of additional contact skills. After graduating from this level skaters progress to an intensive Scrim 101 program prior to bouting other teams. Contact us with your interest and find out more.  You CAN handle this!

Non Skaters and Non contact- Don’t want to play rough? That’s cool, we have a place for you too! CARD’s NSO ( Non Skating Officials) form an integral part of the league they are hands down the best looking ( and best smelling) group in the league. Our referees ( Team Zebra) still get to roll just with our the biff.

CARD has multiple teams with varied skill sets; CARD teaches non skating officiating; CARD teaches refereeing.


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